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Monday, 1 April 2013

Armeria - Wanting [DPMD02] [Free Download]

Available as a free download from:

Armeria is a 19-year old producer from Derbyshire who has seen his work appreciated online with blogs such as Pinboard Blog, This Kid Is A Problem, Bokah, Stamp The Wax and Soundplate writing positive reviews about his music, as well as multiple uploads to popular YouTube taste-makers Eton Messy and Fhinq music.

In ‘Wanting’ Armeria delivers a blissful piece of electronic music, full of warm synth layers and deep low ends which evolve around an angelic R&B vocal sample.

'Wanting' also uploaded to DPM's YouTube channel:

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bambarra - Gimme That [Free Download]

"The first instalment of the refreshed DPM Download series sees Bambarra deliver a thumping dance floor centric house jam with a delectable vocal sample.

Having provided remixes for Error Operator and a XLR8R featured remix for Stumbleine, UK based Bambarra continues his impressive output with 'Gimme That'."

Available as a Free Download here.

First track on the newly refreshed DPM Download series.

Previewed this at the beginning of the week on the new YouTube channel that's been created for dpm. Been a long time coming, but I finally got round to making one (it took ages to agree on a sensible username for starters) and hopefully there will be more to come on it soon.

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Find dpm on YouTube here:

Big ups to the people already feeling the tune, especially BackTheTooFuture who have already played the track on their radio show. Currently working on pushing out some more new sounds, should have some news on that shortly.

Special thanks to Bambarra for this one, details for where you can hear more from him are below...