Thursday, 21 November 2013

Moet & Benson & Velvut Tux – Hoxton

Moet & Benson (Lost My Dog) and Velvut Tux (Chasing Toulouse) bring together Hoxton, a hazy house roller built on the rich noises of inner city London with hypnotic chords and soaring synthlines.

Bambarra (Bear Fresh/Mob Serenade) and (Symbols Recordings) team up with their Todd Edwards XLR8R Innovators mix featured remix, kicking up the tempo adding an infectious top line with wicked low ends while Wilhelm finishes the release with his deeper ‘Kaiser Edit’ take on the original.

Hoxton sees itself as the first release on the newly formed DPM Records, formally known as the Digital Pirate Material blog and will be given away for free serving as a taster to further material in the coming year.

Artwork by Deer Natalie Illustration
Mastered by Rob Burn

DPM Online
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