Sunday, 23 June 2013

Introducing... Conducta

For the next DPM Introducing series I was able to speak to young Bristol producer Conducta, who only just recently released his debut EP while getting widespread radio plays on the likes of BBC Radio 1Xtra and Rinse FM.

Here he breaks down the wide influences of his productions, the development process to his tracks and future releases/collaborations.

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For those not yet familiar with you, could you give us a quick summary of who you are & the type of music that you make?

Yo, my name is Collins aka Conducta, I’m a 19 year old music producer from Bristol based in London currently for university.

My production draws influence from many genres but I like to focus on Grime, Garage & the more purple side of Dubstep. Outside making music, I endure being an Arsenal fan and enjoy using my student loan on things I don't need.

When did you first start getting into producing?

In my early teens, me and a few close friends always used to listen to a lot of music but when listening to grime & dubstep, the likes of Rude Kid, Joker & Maniac had a massive impact on us.

From the age of 15/16, me and my friends spent hours trying to make instrumentals on a FL Studio 7 demo edition which didn't allow us to save anything. Once I got my hands on the full version I spent most of my days in 6th form trying to define my sound and it took off from then.

What type of set up do you use for making music and is there anything your looking to add to your arsenal?

At the moment my setup is pretty basic consisting of me, my laptop, FL Studio 10, Berhinger MS20 monitors & a midi keyboard.

Right now I'm quite happy with the results I'm achieving and like making the most of what I have although I'm currently considering whether to purchase an analogue synthesizer which could add another dimension to my music making process.

How is your working process, are you someone who can develop ideas quickly?

My working process varies with every song i produce now. When i was younger I just used to sit down at an allotted time and churn out whatever melodies came to me. Now the process has matured and I'm more meticulous over my productions and really pay attention to detail and fine tune ideas regardless of whether its a drum pattern, the reverb on a hi hat or the delay on a vocal.

Developing ideas is usually not a problem, the real bread and butter for me personally is pursuing the idea, sitting down and making it into a polished however-long minute track. That's the difference between your average soundcloud producer who uploads WIP's and the focused producers who are dedicated to showcasing quality music.

Listening to the EP there's a whole host of genre's and styles going on from Garage, Dubstep and Grime. Is that something that you try to integrate into your work?

I enjoy interpreting what I believe to be the best aspects of those genres and then trying to incorporate them to a whole a project so you can hear the influence of the particular artist or sub-genre fused with whatever creativity I can add to give it my own sound or edge.

Using said genres from the question above, could you give me one track from each that has had an impact on the music you make?

That's a tough one! Many tracks from those genres have had a profound impact on my music, however if I was to narrow I down to one for each...

Garage - MJ Cole - Sincere; I think this is one of those timeless songs, the vocal cuts always hit me and has been something I've experimented with thoroughly in my recent productions.

Dubstep - Joker - Purple City; when first growing up in Bristol and being exposed to the emerging purple sound from artists such as Gemmy, Guido and Joker himself, I became infatuated with the sound & 'purple city' is just about my favourite. I remember the moment with my friends sitting there hearing to the drum intro then the synth line would kick in and we'd be mesmerized by the quality of the production.

Grime - Rude Kid - Romford Ladies; Grime is a tough one because there are 100's of tunes which have had a massive impact on my grime production. However, if I had to pinpoint one I'd say Rude Kid's Romford ladies was one of the first tunes I heard to fuse that party garage vibe with a bouncy grime sound, which has a profound impact on the direction of my production.

The first time that I heard your material was through a play on BBC 1xtra. What was it like to get this kind of recognition?

It's a great feeling when anyone who listens to your music, enjoys it and wants to hear more. Achieving recognition on national radio stations is a bonus as it allows more people to take notice of your production and spur you on to push for more radio plays!

I'd like to shout out Amy Becker & Star One in particular for pushing my sound out recently.

How have the radio plays had a impact on the reach of your music?

Often among producers I think the whole 'I've been played on Radio 1 / 1Xtra' badge is perhaps mis-used. I'm glad as I am for my music being spread across the world due to the radio plays I think its key for myself to know that being played on radio doesn't mean you've made it there's a lot more work to be done too spread and promote my music to the right people.

Do you have many plans for the rest of the year after this EP?

After the release of this EP I have a scheduled release with a talented producer who goes by the name of TwoFold which is being released via Marco De Horno's Label 'Bullet Train Records''. That EP will consist of 3 UKG influenced sons which I'm really looking forward to getting that out there.

Also I'm currently doing more work with Digitally Disturbed Audio & am in the process of completing remixes for some quality upcoming artists from Grime and House backgrounds.

Looking possibly more into the future, what goals would you like to achieve with your music?

I think my general aim is to keep releasing good music that I'm happy releasing and that people are happy purchasing or downloading.

To make a decent living off a passion will take dedication, hard work and commitment, however I'm eager to achieve this goal and hopefully this EP is the start of me eventually reaching that objective.

Conducta's 'Galaxy' EP is available now on Digitally Disturbed Audio.

Download: Conducta - Galaxy EP