Thursday, 2 May 2013

Jamie Hustle - Pleasure Dome EP

"Formula Records introduces another newcomer to the stable for the second release in a row after Notion turned heads with his blistering Digits EP last summer.

This time around label boss Champion turns his attentions to the mysterious Jamie Hustle - whose take on bass-led House fiercely remains true to the dancefloor-orientated ethos that Formula Records has operating by since its inception in 2011."

Some extremely catchy bass driven house from newcomer Jamie Hustle coming on Champion's Formula Records.

'Pleasure Dome' takes on a 4/4 beat, laced with heavy baselines that purr along the track along with some addictive synth pitch bends. B-side 'One Objective' gets straight down onto the dance-floor with ravey synth-line stabs delivered onto a knocking beat that begs to be played on a loud system.

Heavy stuff.

Released June 10th on Digital and Vinyl formats.