Wednesday, 10 April 2013

iO Sounds - You/Me EP

"Diamond & Raw serve up their second EP here, this time from auspicious London producer iO Sounds (formerly just iO) aka Rob Burn, complete with remixes from Forget Me Not, Mak & Pasteman, Ado and Lakosa.

With just a couple of releases behind him on labels like MadTech and Infinite Machine, Burn has showed much promise with his fresh house rhythms and continues to do so here."

Another stand out release from iO Sounds.

I've been waiting a very long time for You/Me to be released, really glad that's it's finally found a home on Diamond & Raw Records.

I think I first heard it over a year ago on iO's SoundCloud and it had me repeatedly hitting the play button. Love the way that it grows as it progresses and the creasendo that it builds at the end is excellent.

Along with the original cut it's backed up by solid remixes from Mak & Pasteman and Forget Me Not, as well as another iO original in 'Dirty Little Secret' which also gets the remix treatment from Lakosa.

Released May 27th on digitally and vinyl formats.