Thursday, 28 February 2013

SoundCloud Selections: February

Another month has past and it's been pretty decent. We're into the swing of getting some great quality releases at the moment.

Here's my picks of my favourites that I've heard/stumbled on SoundCloud this month...

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Big new track from Context, instant reloads to this one. Both the stories and the way they are delivered sound like something out of Mike Skinner's notepad. Genuinely, they do. Told on top of a a slightly darker garage beat which seem to be the perfect bed for Context. Grab it now as a free download.

From the fantastic pelican fly compilation released earlier this week. A completely fresh take on grime. The first thing about this Sinjin Hawkeis production is the way that the vocal is playfully pulled around with. As for the rest of the track, there's so much that goes in in this track that makes it such an interesting listen.

I decided to have a quick listen to Bobby Tank's new EP last week and ended up listening to the whole thing, totally blown away. It amazes me how producers can make tracks like this, that have such beautifully bright synths along with fantastically busy drum patterns. This is like an electronic slow jam. Love it.

Another track along the same lines as Bobby Tank comes from Jaycek, who I've been following for a very long time now and he always delivers. Absolutely love his style. The arpeggio synth lines that flow through the track are nailed down superbly.

This has been getting played repeatedly in my car. Crown Duels has caused a storm with this one. Made specifically towards the dance-floor, I can't get enough of the build and the almost unorthodox way it blends into the garage/house beat.

The first track from this release by Tessela is an absolute belter. Using pads excellently to bring you in and then throwing breaks along with a chopped vocal sample at you in the drop.