Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Introducing: MYR14D

Been extremely slack on the blogging front so to make up for it here's the second in the introducing feature, shining the spotlight onto a producer you should get to know.

I was extremely impressed with an EP that was sent to me a few weeks ago by MYR14D, who wasn't on my radar until then. This changed with his 'Own My Own' EP and I managed to get a few questions over to him to find out who he is, how he got started producing and where he wants to go in the near future.

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For those who aren't familiar with your just yet, can be tell us a little about yourself and your sound?

My name's Oliver Keogh, I'm 22 and live in Buckinghamshire. I spend most of time working and playing in London and have recently come back from a season snow boarding in France.

My sound is heavily influenced by a lot of things but in musical terms the focal points include Garage, House, R&B and anything in between.

What's your musical background and how long have you been producing for?

Played guitar in bands for years and then started getting into electronic music and started making (terribly produced) tunes in GarageBand around the age of 17. Then as I got heavily into dance music I pulled my finger out and dedicated real time into learning how to produce.

I started making Drum & Bass as this was my first real interest in dance music before discovering slower BPMs. MYR14D was originally a side project for the Drum & Bass I was making but in the end just completely took over all of my musical focus.

What's your production set-up like?

Very straight forward - Ableton Live, Logic for some synths, Effectrix, standard VST's, plug ins that ive used for years and a sample library largely consisting of Jungle breaks and 90's Garage vocals!

You recently released your first EP, how does it feel to see your stuff in stores?

A little by weird but very humbling. What's even more strange for me is the blogosphere reception.

There are a lot of extremely dedicated people that are trying their best to push new music purely for the love of it. It's a really great thing to be a part of.

Your EP was released by Get Some UK, how did you link up with them?

They discovered my music on soundcloud and got in touch with me through Twitter expressing interest.

Listening to your EP there isn't one particular genre or theme that stands out but an array of influences, was that the intent when you started making it?

That was completely the intent. Get Some were really great to work with. They gave me free reign to do what I wanted after signing 'On My Mind'. I used it as an opportunity to show some versatility and put out tracks out of my comfort zone.

Who particularly do you look to as an artist for inspiration when creating music?

This is an extremely hard question to pin down to one producer, instead I will give you two tunes that made me instantly want to write something after immediately listening to them.

Lukid 'USSR' and Ejeca 'The Way I Feel'. As cliched as it sounds there are too many people to pin this answer down to, although its probably notable that Boddika and Instra:mental made me turn to make some stuff that wasn't Drum and Bass initially.

Have you branched out into playing sets out yet?

I've been DJing for years in clubs and also helped run a student dance music night in Exeter for two years. However I've never played under the alias MYR14D.

I think I am going to focus on DJing after I have more productions under my belt. Getting into the London DJ circuit is seemingly impossible without promoting a party or producing so seems like the wise move.

What are your plans for the rest of 2013?

Hone my production skills and just keep making solid tracks and stay true to the sound I want to move forwards with.

Also buy a lovely analog synth!

MYR14D's 'On My Mind' EP released by Get Some UK is out now.

Download: MYR14D - On My Mind EP