Thursday, 31 January 2013

SoundCloud Selections: January

Well, I've just about managed to post this before the end of January.

Seeing as I've been really slack on all the blogging and that (time is my enemy), I have made the decision to make a monthly post of my favourite tracks I've been sent or found through SoundCloud. So hopefully this is help me to keep a regular monthly post going at the very least.

Anyway, great selection of tracks this month which is mostly dominated by darker grimey sounds...

One of my favourite tracks of this month, a belter from My Ny Leng. The builds are fantastic on 'Tesla' and these guys really have that dark gully sound down to a tee with the sounds that they create. This follows their last release 'The Grid', which I haven't stopped playing since it's release.

Grab their free (!) EP for Black Butter Records here.

Walter Ego has become one of my favourite producers over the last year and this further demonstrates his abilities. I think Military Mind just about shades it for me on this double A side. Crazy amount going on with layers that contain crazy sounds, you can't help but be impressed. One of those tunes that you have to listen to again and again in order to digest that is going on inside.

Exclusive vinyl only release on Coyote Records for this one.

Kahn and Neek are effortlessly smashing it at the moment, his is the toughest grime remix I've heard in a good while. Everything about this works. Just immense.

This literally blew me away when I first heard it and I've been hooked onto it ever since. This is an absolute belter from DE$iGNATED.

Only took me one play to be hooked onto this tune. The production pushes itself in your face, reminiscent of one of my favourite Redlight tracks and with the help of Slick Don the track doesn't wilt for second. This is a raucous dancefloor banger.

Really like this one from Hyperdub's Walton. The track works ever so well together with great production and all the elements fit together nicely.

Would love to hear the whole track.

This is a very nicely put together track and a very addictive song when the track is in full swing. Beyonce sampling vocal stabs, sweeping synths, percussion that moves the track forward and sweet sounding melodic chimes. Wonderful.

You could hear from the opening synth lines and cracking rim shots that this one was going to be a good track, but when that top line synth pushes through it turns into a great track. Lovely work.