Friday, 28 December 2012

Figgy - For The One EP

"New York artist, Figgy, has constructed a powerful, lush and concise EP of club ready jams. For The One rolls along with a old school breakbeat that will take you back to the 90s. Let You Know is probably the most soulful as its beats are broken around warm chords and vocal edits. Tell Me and Only You wrap up the release with a catchy, driving force that'll have you bouncing."

Following releases from the likes of Kastle, iO, Walter Ego to name only a few, Figgy's 'For The One' EP keeps the steady stream of excellent material from Symbols Recordings flowing.

This EP is full of house rollers that will get your body twearking along to the bouncy grooves, especially highlight tracks 'For The One' and 'Only You'. These two are such delightful tracks.

Really enjoying this EP.

Download: Figgy - For The One EP