Thursday, 29 November 2012

SoundCloud Selections #10

Hopefully you know the drill by now. Here are a selection of tunes that I've been especially feeling over the last week or so.

Some real nice tracks chosen this week, that should get you moving.

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Absolutely fell in love with this one from Moe.

Uplifting house that builds with warm pads and a fantastic rolling baseline, along with a Alicia vocal sample that works effortlessly on top. Found myself reloading this one again and again.

Produced by Bailey, this track is a mover.

Soaring synthlines that build into a Disclosure-esque dance floor shaker. Great use of stabs along with a nice and bloody catchy vocal.

Polkadot is on fire at the moment.

Teasing us with only a clip this one comes a tiny bit differently than usual and reminds me slightly of George Fitzgerald. The build and vocal sounds excellent, building into a pulsing baseline. High expectations for the full version.

Wicked new tracks from Corporal F taken away for free via Get Some.

I love the way the Corporal describes the track as "I wrote a while back towards the end of summer, was in a really good mood and just wanted to write something to dance to when the suns going down and everyone's on the party vibe!". Exactly that.