Thursday, 22 November 2012

Introducing - Pedro 123

Here we have a new feature on the site where I get to throw some questions at various up-and-coming producers who you may not already know or perhaps you should know.

To kick it off we have someone who is in the latter with his original and remix productions both gaining strong support.

Introducing Pedro 123.

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First of all, congrats on the debut EP release through Get Some this week.

From what I’ve read it’s been well received all round. How does it feel to get something out there and then have to well received?

It's great, I'm glad people are enjoying it. It's my first solo release, so I'm really glad it's gone down so well.

You hail from London, so it’s no wonder that you are heavily influenced by Grime with your music. When was the first time you can recall getting into the genre and then going on into start producing?

I think the first time i properly got into Grime was Joker's 'Stuck In The System'.

That must have been around the same time I started messing around with production, although I think it's only fairly recently my music has really taken on that Grime influence.

Who would be your biggest influence in and out of grime?

My biggest influences producer-wise would be Wiley, Untold, Artwork and El-B.

I think the early 00's in the UK produced some incredible stuff, between early Grime, proto-Dubstep and dark Garage. That's a big influence on what I'm making right now.

I’ve noticed from your tweets that, like a number of young producers, you juggle your time between studies, working and producing. How does this affect your work flow?

I've only started Uni in the last two months, and it has meant I've got less time to work on tunes. I'm very slowly getting better at juggling them though!

You’ve put out a number of remixes and of course, had your iO & Lakosa remix released recently on Mad Tech. Is there any particular way that you approach remixes?

It really depends on the original.

For example, with 'Donny Don' the vocals were so strong that I wanted to take a really stripped-back approach to the remix. With 'Home Early', I loved the combination of the vocals and the bassline, so I took those and put my own spin on it I guess.

Coming back to your EP, it’s being released physically. What does getting your music released on vinyl mean to you?

It's a really big deal for me personally. Having a release on vinyl is something I've aimed for for a long time, and I'm really glad to finally have one out there!

It's a whole different experience to releasing digitally, there's nothing quite like walking into a record shop and seeing your own EP!

The next release from you is forthcoming on the B.YRSLF Division label. How does that release differ from the Slush EP?

The tracks on the Swap Numbers EP are definitely less Grime-based. They're slower than Slush and Jetpack Joyride BPM-wise, but are more club-friendly.

You're also an active DJ and I saw that you recently played Just Jam. Firstly, how was that? It also looks like people have fun over there.

Just Jam's always wicked. It's proper relaxed and gives you an opportunity to play stuff you might not necessarily play out in a club.

Big up Tim & Barry and the whole Just Jam crew!

What do you like to bring with your sets? Is it a straight up grimey affair or do you like to mix it up?

My DJ sets are normally quite a mixed bag. I've got a really low attention span and I guess that's reflected in my sets whether I like it or not!

I play a wide range of stuff from old-skool UKG & 2step to new Grime, to more clubby 'bass' stuff. It's all about keeping people on their toes!

Something I like to ask everyone is who they are feeling at the moment? Any under the radar artists that have caught your attention?

Wen, Samename, Chesslo Junior, Checan and CRT are all producers who I think are really overlooked at the moment.

What’s next after this EP and the forthcoming release?

I've done remixes for Stuff, and I Killed Kenny & Slick Don, those should be doing the rounds soon.

I've got about an EP's worth of new stuff too, I don't want to rush things though, we'll see what happens.

Anything you would particular like to achieve or aim for in 2013?

Live radio is something I'd like to try out at some point, but apart from that just putting out more music and playing to people who are into it!

Pedro 123's 'Slush' EP is out now, released by Get Some Records.

Download: Pedro 123 - Slush EP

Purchase: Pedro 123 - Slush EP [Vinyl]