Monday, 26 November 2012

DPM Interview - Walter Ego

I got the opportunity to send over some questions to Girls Music affiliate Walter Ego, as he prepares for Basslaced presents Girls Music x Church warehouse party on Friday 30th November.

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Download: Walter Ego feat. Trim - Set It Off

You’ve got quite a diverse sound; I think it’s hard to point out two tracks of yours that sounds the same. Does that come naturally or is it something you've been trying to replicate?

I think maybe it’s a bit of both. My taste in music is pretty eclectic and so that does effect what I do. I make more styles than is even obvious from what I've released already. I’ve even been known to dabble in Techno.

I think I’d get bored if I just stuck to one thing all the time. But I guess I also feel that it has become a strength so I guess maybe encourage myself to think out of the box more these days.

Where do your influences come from?

As I say they’re broad but I started off being interested mainly in making tropical type stuff. Roska, French Fries and African producers like DJ Cleo were big favourites when I made my first EP and still are.

The whole grime/eski beat sound was a big influence on my most recent EP on Girls Music too.

Download: Walter Ego - Sidney St

You’ve worked with a number of MC’s, your recent Set Off EP featured the talents of Trim and Slick Don. How did you find working with MC’s?

It’s fun. I think having another creative person to bounce off of can really help with coming up with something new.

When you add lyrics to music it always add a new dimension as well so I’ve been really lucky to get to work with some of the most talented emcees from my hometown too. Guys like Tez Kid, K Dot and Coco Pops featured on my second EP.

You produced one of the year’s stand out grime cuts in ‘Set Off’, what is the Grime scene like in Sheffield?

As I say there are a lot of talented emcees from Sheff. As well as the others I mentioned before Shinobi (who recently featured on Oris J’s album) and Rawkid who has featured on few releases my own label Bad Taste, are really worth checking out.

That EP was released on Girls Music. You come from Sheffield, so was the Toddla T/Girls Music link up inevitable?

Not Exactly. I think being from Sheffield is a big reason why Toddla wanted to support me but he actually lives in London now, so it was more by chance that I happened to bump into him just after I had put out my first Grime release. We got chatting and the rest is history.

What is Toddla like to work with? I watched his ‘Always Moving’ documentary the other day and he seems like an infectious character that has a real passion for music.

Yeah T is a good laugh. He’s uniquely enthusiastic about music and has been really supportive in getting me heard by a wider audience.

Download: Walter Ego - Hand In My Hand

You’re playing at the Girls Music warehouse party on the 30th of November. How are you looking forward to it and are you preparing anything special?

Yeah I’m excited about that event it will be great to have so many Girls Music artists all in one place. That doesn’t happen very often.

I will defo have a lot of fresh material to drop, unheard and unreleased tunes of my own as well as a few top secret bits from some of my Bad Taste affiliates such as TQ, Squarehead.

What can people expect to hear from a Walter Ego set?

I tend to drop a mixture of genres in my sets which can be anything from House and Garage to RnB. I’ve been playing more 4x4 stuff recently but I don’t like to be pinned down so you’ll just have to come and see...

Is there anyone else on the bill that you’re particularly looking forward to seeing or pleased to be playing with?

All of them! It’s always great when you can say that. Martelo and Roses Gabor sounds like a deadly combination.

Are there any artist about at the moment that have caught your attention recently? Known or up-and-coming.

Have you heard of Wherka? He’s just released a great EP called Cube and Puzzle, really love that. Also Tony Quattro is force to be reckoned with check out his track 'Ray Ray'.

Looking towards the not too distant future, have you any forthcoming releases to look out for?

I’m doing 12” Grime release of a track called 'Wavey' on Coyote records early next year and have another single coming up on Bad Taste featuring K dot and Coco Pops which will both be worth checking.

Last but not least I'm also planning a couple of releases with Girls Music.

What do you see yourself trying to achieve in the next year or so?

World domination might be a bit ambitious but I think its good to set your sites high!

Catch Walter Ego at Basslaced presents Girls Music x Church with Toddla T, The 2 Bears, Roses Gabor w/ Martelo, Paul Woolford, Huxley, xxxy and more.

Purchase tickets via Resident Advisor. Not one to be missed.