Thursday, 6 September 2012

DPM Radio - 5 - Mixed by Rommek

Next in the mix series comes from 18 year old DJ and producer Rommek from Totnes, UK. The mix touches the same elements as his productions coming from the deeper sides of electronica and techno.

Below is the track list and Rommek answers a few questions that I put to him.

Endian - Birdhouse
Rommek - Blim
Boxwork - Like Her Right There
MRSK - Close To Me
IO & Lakosa - Live Wire
Thefft - Speshlty
Iron Galaxy - Dragging Your Feet
Rommek - Jack To The Sound
Happa - Boss
State - Coding
Metrist - Metropolis
Rommek - Pheasant

Name, Age, Location?

Romek. 18. Totnes.

What type of music do you spin and produce?

Generally a blend of sounds within the acid-house-techno-bass bracket but i don't always like to necessarily categorise what I make or play out.

Where can we hear your sounds?

Out of a nice sound system or i guess you could settle for my soundcloud

How long have you intro producing and making sets?

Been producing for about 2 years and Dj since i was about 15ish

How do you approach each track the you make?

I tent to think of a certain vibe or atmosphere to create, then start working on the main chorus/break, then it usually unravels form there...

Which labels out at the moment would you tell people to check out?

Loads but particularly Granholme, Madtech, Audio Culture and the Bristol Labels Livity Sound and Idle Hands

What are your future plans with your tracks and where would you like to go with them?

Well if things go to plan a wax release... Also just keep experimenting and I hope people will enjoy the sounds I'm making, which should lead to more bookings, etc

Finally, tell us a little bit about the mix?

It's always hard to select so little tracks for a mix but I guess the ones I chose summed up the mood i was in at the time of recording it. It's not a perfect mix by any means but i tried to stick a few new ones from myself and ones i had been sent.

Many thanks to Rommek for handing over this mix.

You can hear a few of his productions in the mix and over on his SoundCloud. This one is my personal favourite...

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