Sunday, 19 August 2012

SoundCloud Selections #8

Another group of tunes that I've discovered and have been reloading time and time again, but haven't had the chance to post up on here. Some great stuff, enjoy.

Free download via XLR8R from the always on from Karma Kid. Really impressed with this one as it's a more mature sound that burns slower than usual. Great deep sounds to this one, with a subtle vocal sample that works brilliantly within the track.

Came across this via R.D.K.L and liked it on the first play. I'm listening to a lot of stuff like this at the moment, deep slow burning tunes that get better as they progress. Going to be looking at for more stuff from Alfie.

Great tech-style bass track from Ahadadream, with a deep weighty baseline that drives it forward. Part of Life Crushed Blog's Favoured II compilation, which is a free download. Highly recommended.

Instantly loved this one from Samename. Feels like a different take on grime to me, with pitched vocals driving the track and really bright sounds. Massively impressed by this one.

Big weighty baseline driven track from Queenie. It's almost industrial with it's heavy noises, glitches and samples layered over the track. The baselinse cuts through hugely, intense noise flows through this track.

Been really impressed with Network's productions for a little while now, ever since he share a track with me. Great build up with vocal layering and then the synth work is great. This one comes as a free download from the people at BackTheTooFuture.

Love he build to this when it breaks down and rising up, some great sample and percussion work going on all over this one as well. This one is only a WIP and there's some really solid productions on his SoundCloud.

Reverberating vocal cuts, deep low ends, top line melodies and soaring pads makes this an absolute zoned out roller from D3adline. Drifting off, hypnotic vibe type tune.