Saturday, 21 July 2012

Stumbleine - The Night Before + She Stole the Beach [Bambarra Remix]

Well produced release from Stumbleine.

Beautiful melodies, wonderful vocals and slowed down rhythms with perfectly executed effects, layered all over each track with gives them an emotive edge.

Proper hypnotic, dream-state type music.

A little Clams Casino-esque and slightly reminiscent of another producer I really like at the moment, Kid Smpl. Maybe this is the sound of somewhere in between those two.

Bambarra comes through to remix the stand out highlight of the release 'She Stole the Beach', which sounds incredibly like something that was left over from the Drive Soundtrack.

Love how the retro synths all muse together immensely and those vocal cuts take it up to another level.

Download: Stumbleine - The Night Before