Wednesday, 18 July 2012

SoundCloud Selections #7

Here's another selection of tracks that have caught me ears over the last few weeks, through using SoundCloud nearly everyday of my life. Would love to post these all up individually, but I don't have the time so they are here for you to listen to collectively.

Especially nice slection of tracks in this one. Enjoy.

*click the play button at the bottom right to listen to all these tracks in a playlist.

This really grabbed me on the first play. Like the way that levels just continue to escalate on this one, with more layers embedding into the track as it progresses. It even sounds like there are baselines vying for your attention, case being those bottom end warping base noises that sound like there trying to break free. Impressive stuff.

Following up on the grime vibe we have Bloom, who is developing into a serious talent. This production is crazy in the way that it doesn't let up, hurtling noises at all from all directions.

Great production of G.S.One which massively reminded me of productions from the likes of Just Blaze and The Heatmakerz. Chopped up samples layered over some crashing beats, which creates a massive rawkus sound in the process.

Feel in love this one instantly. Great chords, very well used vocal and lovely bouncy basslines. Really great stuff.

Majora really has got this whole dark bouncy funky thing down. Everything that he's been putting out over the last few months has been sounding more accomplished and I can't wait for his next release. Excellent brooding synths and reverberating vocal cuts on the builds make this an epic production.

Impressed with this great pieces of beautifully colourful garage. Great drum rhythms that works great with the vocal, really nice overall feel. Just sounds so nice to listen to.

Finally ending with a finely composed track from the extremely talented Great Skies, who seems to have an ability of creating dazzlingly delicate well-formed soundscapes. Could listen to this endlessly.