Sunday, 17 June 2012

SoundCloud Selections #7

Nice slections of tunes for you that I've discovered or have been feeling over the last couple of weeks. Some seriously heavy music from a few choice producers and up-and-comers. Enjoy.

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Straight from the off I fell in love with this one, stunning track. Everything about it is on point, the production/vocal/song writing is immense. From the increasingly brilliant AlunaGeorge and remixed by N55 Hi Emotions, who I must admit I know nothing about although going from a facebook post during the week they are something to do with Last Japan. Free D/L via Annie Mac.

Two excellent producers I've been monitoring for a while now. Great collaborative effort here. Dark, tech and lively. Make no mistake, this is the vibe at the moment. Really looking forward to hearing more on this project from iO and Lakosa.

Been impressed with the whole Mista Men output recently. Not only are they smashing it together, they are putting out quality individually (check the Woozee and Mella Dee SoundCloud accounts). Here they are on form once again championing that beautiful garage sound. This will be a free giveaway when they hit 1000 Facebook likes, get on it people.

Clip taken from Polkadot's forthcoming EP, following up from the excellent arrival with the 'Don't Pigeonhole Anything' EP. Bright sounds ideal for the warmer of weather. Great stuff. Full track can be streamed here.

Stumbled on this after listening to a few other Dusky bits and being told by a friend to check it out. Extremely glad I did. Bouncing drum patterns, baselines and vocal cuts equal feel good house music. Lovely.

Came across this one due to Royal-T and his Rinse FM show during the week. Instantly went looking for it when the track was dropped into the mix. Overly nice old school garage/basslines vibes on this one. Can't get enough of the baselines/vocal sample combination, Flava D works it incredibly well. Great stuff.

Impressive bsss heavy remix from Allmostt, which drives into gear at a fast pace once the drop takes into effect. Great work on the low end and really liked the progression in the tune.

Stumbled on this one from NumBoy, after he sent me another tune and I naturally ended up going through other tunes due to the quality that I heard. This is probably the best piece of dubstep that I've heard in a little while. It's beautiful dark, sinister and nicely bottom heavy that it doesn't over due it self like a lot of stuff that around.