Tuesday, 19 June 2012

DJ Q - The Archive

'Just when you thought bassline music was on its last breath, someone comes in and revives it with one injection of well-made works. Birthed up North, bassline has had a turbulent ten years. Even when London’s inner bass circle showed the genre no love, it managed to last the distance in club land in its hometown and surrounding counties.

DJ Q is someone who has always championed the sound that brought you chart bangers such as 'You Wot' and T2’s ‘Heartbroken’, and his latest venture is set to win over the ears of the most hard-to-please bass music lover.'

Oh what I pleasant surprise this is from the Baseline don that is DJ Q.

Some insanely huge productions all over this. In all honestly I saw that this was a 17-minute preview and didn't think I'd last the distance. Massively wrong on my part as this flew by, excelling furiously over expectations as it went on.

I can remember being a big fan of baseline when it first started to trickle down into the mainstream, especially with the abundance of remixes there were, although I can't say that I'm particularly deep into the history of the scene.

Love that the sound never died.

From the sounds of the preview above, this is an all round essential release.

Out 22nd July on Q Recordings.