Friday, 11 May 2012

SoundCloud Selections #6

More selections from my travels on the interweb.

These are just a few highlights from a large amount of stuff that I've been sent or stumbled on through using the SoundCloud platform.


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Rather impressed with this track from Armeria. Synth lines with glowing warmth, nicely incorporated vocal samples and plenty in between. The small breakdown section takes it up to another level. Quite remarkable for someone that's only been producing for a few months.

Liked the whole largeness of the atmospheric sound on this one and it has a great pace to it, which doesn't really slow down. All sorts of sounds drop in and out, making it an interesting listen.

The groove and top line melody are what get me on this one from Saulya. Didn't really notice how much I was into it until the track finished. All the layers interchange with each other perfectly.

Straight grime tip for this one, which stood out to me, with booming baseline backdrops. Little bit of a different sound, from what I've heard anyway from the increasingly impressive Mak and Pasteman. Would love to hear more from the end faded part, where the track sounds like it takes on a 2-step kinda of vibe.

For some reason this didn't exactly hit me how good this was until only recently (although it hasn't been posted for long). Fantastic strong builds and vocal sample work, extremely reminiscent of Jacques Greene's work. Such a strong song and I love the way it completely drops down with the vocal at 1.33 and constructs deeper from there.