Friday, 27 April 2012

SoundCloud Selections #5

A quick little selection of tunes that have made an impression on me during the last week. There's really a lot of good stuff about at the moment. Could have included loads more!

Feel free to let me know your thought's on them by commenting below/tweeting/you know the deal.

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Majora keeps upping the levels with every upload at the moment. This is an unrelenting melting pot of dark rumbling sounds and bouncing beats, with an insanely heavy backdrop of bass. You can hear influences of dubstep, house, baseline, grime and all that's in between.

Opening track from Ahadadream's debut EP offering 'Elsewhere'. Great build up that follows that darker tech sound and has a fantastic vocal cut ups that really bring the track out. Really like the progression on the track and for some (strange) reason I love the look of the waveform at the beginning. It looks interesting and it is (Although not in an html5 widget).

Another fantastic track from Karma Kid. It's a symphony of warm atmospheric dream-like pads, multiple pitched vocal samples and big synth lines. Can really hear the influences from Rustie on this one, although it's not completely as balls out. Love the way that there's so much detail layered inside, especially in the intro with lots of little sounds trickling away. Impressive stuff.

Great edit from Exeter, of a track that's generated quite a bit of hype, that works really well. One element are the deep baselines that are added with perfect execution and not just for the sake of it. That's all that need to be said really.

Feeling this dub from Happa. Goes with the whole dark/tech vibe throwing in loads of pops, reverbs and sounds into the mix. Oh and the guy's 14. Huge potential.