Friday, 20 April 2012

SoundCloud Selections #4

Been a little while since I did another one of these and my general blog output has been abysmal lately, so let's get into it.

My favourite tunes from soundcloud that I've discovered in the last few weeks, with the player embed and a little comment from myself...

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Been listening to Polkadot on a daily basis over the last few weeks. Some really impressively productions and you can grab a free EP from him here. Incredibly build on this one, with lots of bleeps/samples/layering going on and it progresses well. An extremely apt name for a wonderfully colourful tune.

Love everything about this tune, but I think it's the vocal sample that completely draws me into this one. After a few plays I was singing along with the vocal melody. It also has great sweeping chords and the way that the track progresses, adding extra layers adds that extra element when coming to the climax.

Another great production from Jaycek, who seems to have created a great sound for himself. This one hits a bit harder, slightly grimey, but has an excellent bounce to it.

First release from new label Coyote Records. This one's an unashamedly no nonsense grime affair from Mella Dee, one half of Mista Men, that hits hard.

First came across Notion through his 'Icicle' tune that I've heard on countless mixes in the past and this one trends along the same ground, kind of hitting a middle ground between Funky and Grime. When the drop happens each baseline is like a scratch in the face.

A real dark trippy feel to this one, from the talent that is Happa. Found this production really interesting as when it gets into it there's so much going on and flickering sounds happening.

Great re-work and vocal usage from Admin on this one. Simple idea, but with great execution. This beat knocks.

Another fine prodcution from Polkadot who has a knack of creating breezy and colourful tunes. This one has great 808's that bounce the track forward, creating a lovely well rounded feel. Love the switch up on the second drop, which really drives the track forward and adds a touch of pace.

Thanks as always to anyone that sends me stuff over SoundCloud or through email/facebook, it generally all gets a listen. I've changed my email setting so I get mailed everytime someone send through my dropbox which has doubled my daily mails.

If I don't post it up on the site I usually tend to share it over the DPM Facebook page, so go like that to keep up-to-date.