Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mr Mitch - Searching [Volume 1: Venus]

"In Volume 1 of Searching Mr. Mitch explores the theme of love and relationships."

This is a great free release bursting with top notch productions.

I've only really known Mr Mitch as a producer of Grime, especially from his last single release 'The Last Stand', but this album opens him up to more of an eclectic talent. Although there still are grimey elements still there, this is a project more in the sounds of electronica.

From start to finish there is a continues vibe that transcends throughout. This whole release has made an impression on me and the more I listen, the better the tracks get.

My favourite track is a split between 'No Other Lover', which is when grime does come into play, although controlled, before bursting out into a celebratory Toddla-T styled break and 'Jacob/Milo', which is a rich in melody vibe affair.

Recommended Listening: Rose & Wine, No Other Lover, Jacob/Milo and Junior.

Download: Mr Mitch - Searching [Volume 1: Venus]