Wednesday, 21 March 2012

SoundCloud Selections #3

Another round-up of my favourite tracks to crop up over on SoundCloud and a bit of an opinion on why I like them so much. I'm getting better at keeping up with this now. Feel free to send over any track you have on SoundCloud, you can find the DPM dropbox over on SoundCloud.

Click the play button in the bottom right corner to listen to the tracks in a nice little playlist.

This one has been rinsing my soundcloud activity for the past few weeks. Great lead sample that goes round and round developing into a fantastic build, which grows with elements and samples catching on as it reaches a climax. Really nicely put together. Great stuff.

Been listening to more and more of Kid Smpl, I find his productions so fascinating and beautifully structured. Love the way that this pushes back and forth, pausing... waiting to kick back into place. Added with layers of reverberating vocal cuts, samples of crashing waves, melodic leading synths and little clunks of sound triggering off in the embedded sound-scape.

Absolute banger of a track, that has an impeccable build that snaps in gear when the base pushing through. The vocal sample makes this track a heavyweight.

It's the well executed sample and delayed synths leading the track that I most love about this. Delicate sounds made into a strong beat.

Majora goes in dark with this one. Bringing out the funky drum rhythms from the off, then letting off dub-styled baselines, all with a grime edgey. Complete hybrid of flavours going on.