Thursday, 24 November 2011

Redinho - Stay Together

'Redinho will round off our hectic year with the release of ‘Stay Together’, an epic one track taster of what is to come from his debut album on Numbers sometime in 2012.

“Stay Together was made in a similar way that I make a lot of my music these days - me sitting at a piano. Once complete I take it into the studio and try and update it all. The piano will be replaced by a Juno, and the vocal melodies will be played on a Talkbox.” - Redinho'

Another great release from Numbers, who have been one of my favourite labels of the past year.

This was a bit of a grower on me, took a few listens for this to sink into my mind. I love the progression in the track, with different sounds coming in and out of the mix, making it a deep listening experience. Along with that you have the talkbox vocal on top, that adds warmth to the track.

Redinho's 'Stay Together' is release December 5th on Numbers.