Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Champion - Sensitivity feat. Ruby Lee Ryder

'After releasing two highly sought-after EP’s this year in the shape of Motherboard and Lighter, one of UK funky’s most prolific producers wastes no time and strikes again with Sensitivity - something a little less aggressive than usual that still maintains the danceable groove that Champion is renown for.

Off the back of her summer collaboration, Full Attention with Terror Danjah, Ruby Lee Ryder lends her vocals to this silky Champion production. With her delicate vocal harmonies she sings in a lullaby like fashion which compliments the subtle synth stabs and refined chopped up bassline.'

This YouTube rip really doesn't do any justice to this song at all (although they never do). Get onto iTunes at the very least and listen to the preview, just so that you can listen to the baselines.

With a Aaliyah-like heavenly vocal, this is an irresistibly sweet tune.

Download: Champion - Sensitivity feat. Ruby Lee Ryder