Thursday, 20 October 2011

Submerse - Always, Like This + Kowai

Submerse - Always, Like This

Submerse - Kowai

Two great offerings here from Submerse. I've been playing 'Kowai' from Submerse's soundcloud continually since it's upload and instantly loved 'Always, Like This'.

'Always, Like This' has a dark, broody underbelly, brought to life with the garage drum patterns, echoing vocals and heavy bottom end subs. The second drop is the where the whole track comes together.

'Kowai' takes the lead with the vocal, with an industry sounding backdrop, then drops a massive garage beat on top. Love the vocal chops on this and it works so well when the fat bass drop kicks in at the second drop.

Love the way that the garage sound from the 90's is creeping into dance music. So many artists are coming through with the sound and vibe. I read somewhere that all this kind of garage influenced dance music is a modern take on that scene, which is a nice summing up.