Friday, 9 September 2011

Random Selection #2 - September

So finally I get round to posting anoth random selection of tunes. Started this last month and am trying to carry it on. Should have posted this at the beginning of the month but was struck down with illness but 9 days late isn't that bad, is it?

These are basically a selection of tunes that have been sent to me or I've found whilst on Soundcloud that I've been listening to a lot, but haven't been able to post up to the blog individually. These are mostly unsigned artists, although I've squeezed in a couple of massive tracks from established artists.

AFDW by iO.

Mosca - Done Me Wrong / Bax (Out 19th September on Numbers) by Numbers

Blackmill - Embrace (Full Version) by Blackmill

Okota - City Fox (Admin Remix) (Forthcoming Wicked Bass) by ∆dmin

Shackles by Tanka

Breezer - I Need You by BreezerOfficial

Joe Goddard (featuring Valentina) - Gabriel by DFA Records

Download: Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel

You can send in your music either to my email, soundcloud dropbox or to the soundcloud group.