Monday, 12 September 2011

Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci [Lil Silva Remix]

So 'Gucci Gucci' has been finally released over here in the UK and Lil Silva has taken his own spin on the track, freshening it up with a remix, adding funky rhythms and plenty of bass drops.

There are a fair few remixes of this flying about over the net and this is one of the better ones by a mile. Lil Silva delivers.

Incidentally, I'm going to be meeting Kreayshawn in London this week for the first ever Digital Pirate Material interview. If you have anything that you want me to ask (I could do with a few suggestions) feel free to leave any questions in the comments section below.

Download: Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci

For those not familar with the original, which has just gone over 17 million YouTube views, here it is below...