Friday, 9 September 2011

14th - Hide Yourself

'‘Every day the 14th, I don’t think ya’ll heard me!’ For the Outkast fans out there, you will know where this lyric comes from, but for the Tracey Duodu and Tom Barber it was the inspiration for their band name after the duo got together over a dance-off at uni and a “let’s jam together sometime” proposition from Tracey.

They describe their music as, “Influenced by old school dance and rave with 90s beats and UK garage sounds” as well as a mix of their own vibes. Reclaiming past music genres that had been partially forgotten in the music chasm, 14th are bringing back all the grooves and beats that inspired them growing up; breathing life into them, giving them a new heart and letting the living pulse set the rhythm.'

Once in a while I get sent a little gem in my email and this is one of those songs.

Beginning with a gentle piano chord and a strong vocal, this track completely took me by surprise as it builds from a ballad to a dance floor garage number.

The combination of garage beats, piano chords, deep bass and beautiful vocals are a sweet concoction.

Download: 14th - Hide Yourself

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