Sunday, 21 August 2011

Echo Park - Fiber Optic Lovin'

Have to be honest, I wasn't completely sure about this one on the first play.

Like most things I listen to I need to play it multiple time in order to gain a actual opinion on it. Sometimes is isn't the case, but a lot of time stuff escapes me because I don't give it enough time.

This was nearly the case with Echo Park, after around four or five plays I'm now hooked. The fact that it's only a clip is actually really annoying me now, as I want to hear the whole damn song. The fade out at the end of the clip is killing me!

The vocoder vocals get me on this and whole overall feel to the track has such a massive vibe to this tune as well. You can't help but get sucked into the funk. You can't resist it.

Think this could well be a big one.

Find more from Echo Park over on Soundcloud.

Also, it's worth reading the press release that was sent over to me, as it's quite a read. There's a deep background into Echo Park.

I was going to cut and paste a few lines, but thought I'd include the whole thing...

'“The violence of the 8.8 earthquake in Feb. shook my family and I out of our home and basically made us hit 'reset' on all of our life plans. We had been saving enough to finally pay for visas for my wife and her son, in order to fulfill our dream of moving back to my native LA. That money was spent on relocating the family and replacing things lost in the quake... I was basically 31, broke, with 2 small kids and no gigs of which to speak. I had contact with labels but was just getting sick of fighting when people just wanted me to sound like I did years ago. The frustration of going through the quake, the setbacks and lack of interest in the more musical side of my work began to eat at me and I almost hung it up and got a construction job. My wife has been amazing and we have been very fortunate that the project landed in the right hands. After all is said and done the musical contributions and help we received from musicians in the US and UK has been amazing. This record is the sound of our struggle as a family, to do our thing and be ourselves even in the face of catastrophe and tragedy.”

Echo Park is the brain child of Brian Gibbs. Los Angeles born and now living in Santiago, Chile, Brian is a true adventurer - musically and in life.

He cut his musical teeth in LA alongside the kind of artists who would later form the Brainfeeder / Low End Theory axis - but in 1999 got itchy feet and left for Tokyo, where he founded the notorious techno labels Deafmosaic and Gunjack Series. Another relocation to Madrid, Spain saw him reconnecting with hip hop and funk roots but also, via Jaxx Records, experimenting the sort of dark sub-bass mutations that inadvertently prefigured dubstep. Moving again to Mexico City, he met his wife, a Chilean national from Santiago, and returned home with her - only to discover a fascinating and intricate experimental hip hop scene thriving underground despite much adversity in the Chilean capital.

“2010 was a hard year, in January the beloved Chilean beatmaker Geoslide passed away, the earthquake happened in February, and then I got sick around the end of summertime.”
Brian was hospitalized in August 2010 after an undiagnosed digestive condition caused ruptured internal organs and blood poisoning. After a month long battle in a grimy public hospital, Brian returned home and began recording like a man possessed.

“Lying up in that (hospital) bed I just remember thinking: ‘Fuck me I should have just made real songs.’ I got back and I just didn’t care about hard music so much anymore. After fearing for my life, my kids, somehow the brooding, ominous music people had come to expect from me just made me uncomfortable. So I started making music I personally would want to listen to, eventually writing little songs about lost love or some such distraction.”

These “little songs” were passed to music journalist Joe Muggs who in turn played them to Disfigured Dubz boss Skream, who says: "This is Fucking Amazing". Since hooking up with Disfigured Dubz Brian’s “little songs” have turned into a double album’s worth of sheer delight where, dare we say it, every song is a winner. Packed with musical characters - including Ro Spit and Moe Dirdee of Detroit, Chilean MC Khain74 and 19 year old Cali wonder kid Brian Cade - they take us through Nintendo noir bleeps, peyote-munching George Clinton psyche-funk, and above all pure, sunshine-infused soul melody that you just can’t shake. Echo Park truly is the sound of joy emerging from hardship.'

'Fibre Obtic' will be released in September by Disfigured Dubz.