Tuesday, 21 June 2011

SBTRKT - SBTRKT [Album Stream] + Wildfire [Remix] feat. Drake

'This album is paced like a perfect DJ set – it reads the listener with incredible insight, combining the immediate and familiar with intense passages of warm-up, breaking to allow for moments of blank space and reflection. The mix of shiny vocals with tight, accelerated textures is steeped deep in a glorious combination of two-step, UK funky, dubstep, US RnB and Chicago house. Add that to the compendium of a killer pop sensibility, infectious bubbling rhythms, unbridled energy and astounding curation from the man in the mask, and what we have here is the promise of this decade’s Timbaland.' via bbc.co.uk

The more I listen to this album, the more I'm falling in love with it.

It's a really interesting album, that has tracks that have lots of details and layers with plenty weird and wonderful sounds, along with a mixture of drum patterns. The chimes and bells on 'Hold On' are nothing other than blissful. There are some excellent vocal performances too, mostly coming from the emotive tones of Sampha, as well as Roses Gabor and Little Dragon. I've read a few articles around this album that suggest that this is a album perfect for headphone listening, which is quite accurate. Although I love love to blast this out onto a good system.

Recommended: Hold On, Wildfire, Something Goes Right, Pharaohs, Never Never.

Below is the remix to the albums first single 'Wildfire' with added vocals from Drake, persumably after the Jamie xx sessions whilst on tour in the UK.

SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon - Wildfire [Drake Remix]

Download: SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon - Wildfire