Friday, 3 June 2011

Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci [Video]

'Kreayshawn, an East Oakland hip-hop artist who counts Lil B, Soulja Boy and rap collective Odd Future as friends (two of them appear in this video), sports oversized jewellery, raps about how she "got the swag and it's pumping out my ovaries" and generally turns the notion of bling on its head...

It's a DIY affair with vinyl scratches, rib-rattling low-end bass and creeping synth. What starts out like a kind of blog-rap parody – the oversized glasses, Kreayshawn stretched out on a slow moving car, the Skins-esque house party – soon becomes an enjoyable take on the idea that expensive possessions do not make the (wo)man.'
via The Guardian.

Watched this last night and I had to replay the video a few times, just to digest what I had seen. Since then I've had this continually on repeat and the hook lines have been fully imprinted into my brain.

Absolutely love everything about this.

To start, this girl has got bars, straight up punch lines that sound better with every listen. Her flows completely ride the beat effortlessly and the hook lines are so good damn addictive, I can't help but rap along every time I play the track.

Before I had even pressed play on this I noticed that it had got nearly 2 million views in 2 weeks. Kreayshawn has now reportedly been signed since then... for a million dollars!

May be too early to say that she is destined for be massive, but it's a certainty that she will grow a lot of hype over the internet in the same way as Tyler.