Thursday, 19 May 2011

Swindle - Mood Swings [Video]

'Are grime fans as obsessed with the illuminati as hip-hop fans?

We’re not sure, but we’re probably about to find out, because the new video for Butterz funk commander Swindle’s ‘Moodswings’ has all the triangles and eyes you could ever hope for. But it doesn’t bother us – we’re more concerned with what we’re gonna wear to that lunch meeting with Gaga and Jay-Z.'
via FACT mag.

Wouldn't have seen this video in my mind for this tune, if I'm honest.

Although, to be fair, I was engaged throughout and despite it being for an instrumental track, I watched it all the way through.

I can not say that for a lot of other videos.

This track is great and I fully love it.

Swindle is a greatly talented producer and this is one of his stand out releases (my personal favourite is Airmiles).

He reminds me of a British Ryan Leslie, mostly due to his keyboard skills.

Mood Swings is out now on Butterz.