Friday, 15 April 2011

Wiley - Numbers in Action [Video]

'It's near impossible to keep up with Wiley's career, despite the fact he's spent most of the year talking to fans on ustream. One minute he's joining forces with Mark Ronson, the next he's giving away everything he's recorded, then he's doing the Electric Boogaloo. Being Wiley must be exhausting.' via The Guardian.

When I heard that Wiley's new album would be released on Big Dada it drew a big grin to my face.

Mostly because they were the label that released my favourite Wiley album 'Playtime Is Over', which I have a signed copy of. They also have a massive reputation of promoting talented artists and their music properly, a very well respected label in my eyes.

This new Wiley tune/video is great and get's me extremely excited about the album.

Wiley made a stripped back/minimal track 'From the Drop' recently with MJ Cole, but this has more energy and punch to it. The video is so effective with the tune.

On a sidenote, can we see more video's like this please? Rapping into a camera on a council estate/green screen just doesn't cut it anymore.

This is slick, artistic, clever and above all simple.

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