Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Frank Ocean - nostalgia, ULTRA [Mixtape] [Stream + Download] + The City

'A songwriter who’s penned material for John Legend, Justin Bieber and more, he signed to Island Def Jam around a year ago and proceeded to sit on the shelf (sound familiar?). Last month, he gave his debut album, Nostalgia, Ultra away for free; a move that may have proved smarter than any Def Jam could’ve pulled – he’s now supposedly working with Beyonce.

Nostalgia isn’t just the title of this record – it’s all over it. The first sound you hear on the album is a tape deck rewinding; its first line, “when we were kids.” Later, Ocean sings over MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ and The Eagle’s ‘Hotel California’. On the album’s high-points, most obviously the breath-taking ‘Novacane’, this nostalgia’s extremely effecting, honing in on very specific moments and exploring their lasting power...

...if he becomes a superstar then there’s a few songs from this mixtape that long-time fans will doubtless be citing as classics for years to come; for that reason alone, it’s worth your attention.'
via FACT magazine.

I'm lost for words when trying to describe this album, extremely impressed and it has been playing repeatedly on my ipod since I got hold of it on Monday.

I read that he has been compared to Drake, which at points on the mixtape is a fair comment, but I think that it's a tab bit lazy.

Frank Ocean is a cut above the rest, no hesitation in saying that.

Download: nostalgia, ULTRA [Mixtape]

Below is my favourite Frank Ocean track, which I heard via, which displays how good this guy is at writing songs. Enjoy...

Frank Ocean - The City