Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Kashmir Kid - Tear Gas / Hijack

'The follow up release to Kashmir Kid's debut on Gut Instinct Records 'Return To Bombay City' is Teargas / Hijack.

In keeping with the recent civil unrest across the world, Kashmir Kid sides with the people on the rebellious stomper that is 'Tear Gas'. 'Hijack' is a futuristic, sci-fi bubbler with dark undertones.

The soundtrack to a riot near you soon, this is the sound of rebel London.'

This release comes from Goldielock's own label Gut Instinct Records.

I'm liking Tear Gas, Kahmir Kid seems to have a talent for effortlessly mashing together genre's of music. If you like computer based electronic music then this is for you.

I love the press release/type up at the top of this post from the track's youtube description. A lot of bloated overblown crap gets written in these, but this one actually seems reasonable.

Looking forward to future Kashmir / Gut Instinct releases, especially after the first release from Kashmir Kid, 'Return to Bombay', which is still getting plays on my iPod nearly six months after release. Great tune.

Stream below...

Download Link: Kashmir Kid - Return To Bombay City