Friday, 21 January 2011

The Streets feat. Kano - UKG Odyssey

'made in the old way. from my cyberspace and reds mixtape, more lyrical pad work with kano on a bed of beats put together using all the original techniques once prevalent in our world. thanks again to magic for help on the buttons that for many will bring back memories of zed bias era breakstep. set to a series of images taken on my lomography film camera. these images form the background chiaroscuro vibes of my website.' via

The Streets pre-album mixtape 'Cyberspace and Redz' is coming and here is the promised collaboration with Kano.

I'm thinking of turning this into a completely Streets blog for the whole month of Fabuary, to celebrate 'Computers and Blues' and the gig that I'm going to in Brixton. The idea would be to post a streets video for every day in Fabrary (maybe leading till the Brixton gig) with a few comments. No idea if I would have time to do this consistently, so is only an idea at present.