Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Katy B - Louder [Video] + Perfect Stranger [w/ Magnetic Man] + Katy On A Mission

'..arguably the first bona fide female star of that homegrown branch of contemporary R&B/house known as funky... The Florence of funky? Why not, she's got that really strong, emphatic singing style, where every word is clearly, almost theatrically enunciated

... she's worked with Benga and Geeneus, been featured vocalist on underground hits for Ministry of Sound, and her own debut single proper, Katy On a Mission, is being issued by Rinse'
via The Guardian

Absolutely love her voice. Deserves to be a star, she fits onto these tracks with ease.


If you haven't already heard her first single with Benga, the video for the banger is below. Released soon through Rinse.