Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Plan B - Prayin' [Extended Video]

What a brilliant song.

The spectacular musicial career u-turn of Plan B, real name Ben Drew, has been nothing short of exceptional. He has gone from a critically acclaimed, yet mainstream flop to a much lauded, number one album holder. All thanks to the creation of a character and album 'The Defamation of Strickland Banks'. Changing from gritty intelligent rhymes about poverty and typical street thuggery he in-countered in real life to sweet soulful vocals, laden with guitar riffs, using well tried out production techniques. Plan B manages to squeeze in the odd rap, here and there, but he has been transformed into the male version of Amy Winehouse and, bloody hell, he does it well.

So now we have the third single, Prayin'. This track is the best of the singles without a doubt, in my opinion, although it could never of been released as a first single. Although not the best video of the bunch, She Said takes that, it goes to show how well this album has gone for Plan B. Sales lead to bigger budgets, which mean bigger promos and that has brought us a six minute video for Prayin'. Far away from the DIY styling of first single No Good For Me.

Next up for Ben is his directorial debut feature film, which he has just managed to gain the funding for. Thanks to Strickland Banks.