Saturday, 23 January 2010

Has It Come To This?

Well... I have gone and made a bloody music blog.

This blog was created purely because it was suggested to me that it may help me to find employment within the music industry (It shows that I am web 'savvy'). As the person who suggested it to me was someone actually getting a salary in the music industry I decided to go ahead and thought it was a good idea.

I designed it in a couple of days, with little HTML code that I do know, whilst sitting at home being unemployed and have threatened to write some posts on a couple of occasions now, but have finally decided to give it a go.

So there are my excuses out of the way in case no one actually reads the damn thing.

I thought that I would share anything that is of interest to me in this music industry, either press articles, videos, opinions or maybe a good old mp3. As I am currently unemployed and looking for work I thought that this may also be a good way to share my experiences within the music industry too, to a certain extent.

Happy reading I guess.